November 12, 2010

Echoes of Halloween

This is our first year in our new townhouse and as such, we did not know how many kids would stop by (10-12 was the final count). We WAY overbought on candy. Suggestions of taking the left overs into work have been shot down by the missus. The plan is to keep the bag until we have guests over in January. Now, the only question that remains is whether the bag will actually last until January (peanut M&Ms are no more, as of last night).

This inspired me to make a LIST! (Because it's what I do. I hope none of the candies will be offended by said list.) What are your favorite candies?

1. Twix (after refrigeration, this achieves candy bar nirvana) AND Reese's Pieces (not at the same time, but they're both wicked awesome)

2. Watchamacallit (some people still haven't heard about this one. How is that possible?)

3. Peanut M&Ms1 (I eat all the red ones first)

4. Mars (briefly renamed Snickers with Almond, the Mars bar has recently made a comeback)

5. Krackle (akin to Nestle Crunch which is also awesome, there's something about the Krackle's chocolate that tastes better than Nestle's offering)

Runners Up: White chocolate kit-kat (holy hell, the amount of saturated fat will kill you!)

Thousand Grand (not even sure why, I think I liked the struggle I had as a kid to actually bite off a piece of this bar, so filled with caramel that I felt like an alligator)

1 I got in trouble a lot in 8th grade. Me and detention became good friends (sometimes even when we shouldn't have). In an effort to get me to behave, my Spanish teacher bet me and my best friend, Jeremy, 1 pound of peanut M&Ms each that we couldn't behave for two months.

Two months and one day later, we both sat in detention eating our peanut M&Ms.


  1. You about hit all the good candies on that list.

    I love Twix and Whatchamacallits...they are hard to find down here, but I know a few places that will sell them to me. I love Snickers, with or without almonds...

    Can't stand white chocolate though. There's no cacao in there, why is it call chocolate? One year Mom bought me a white chocolate Easter bunny, and I was SAD. Dark chocolate Easter bunny a-okay...white chocolate=depression.

    You missed Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Man I love those things. Especially mixed into chocolate ice cream. Soooooo tasty.

    It doesn't sound like that candy is going to last until January. I know my Halloween candy won't. ;)

  2. GAH! Screw peanut butter cups, but Reese's Pieces!!! How did I leave those off the list?! Where do they go? 1? Tied for 1? Tied for 2?

  3. 'Tis an excellent footnote story, Joe.

    After Halloween this year, I decided I would not eat anyone's leftover candy in the office. That decree lasted two days, and then I invoked the Kit Kat Exception. (Twix would have worked, too.)