September 29, 2011

Words to Delete

I used to be a podcaster. That's like public speaking except in private and with a record that people can reference years later. For that reason, there are certain words one needs to eliminate from one's vocabulary to improve at public speaking. The biggest culprit is "ummmm" and "uhhhh" which we tend to default to when we're thinking of the next thing to say. You can recognize who has public speaking experience (and was good at it) by the absence of these words even in their mundane conversations. Those are not the only words you should work to eliminate:

There is one more word I've eliminated from my vocabulary, though this has nothing to do with public speaking. It's one of those life lessons I came about the hard way and that, if I had a child of my own to pass it along to, would do so that he or she might escape that same hard lesson.

I do not use the word deserve. If I use it in my writing, it is a big red flare for the character of the person using it. I do not deserve a raise. I do not deserve a prize. I do not deserve your respect.

I earn those things. Or I do not. The only thing I am deserving of is an opportunity to earn.


  1. This clip is classic.

    Funny enough, I practiced a lot of public speaking as a DM. We had a smart alecky player (who I later married for some reason ;)) that took a tally of how many times I used a "stutter word" as we call it, in one paragraph.

    The number was embarrassing.

    I had never been consciously aware of them, and ever since then we're sort of made it a point as DMs to try to avoid them.

  2. I am not a good public speaker. I need to take Toastmasters or something. :(

  3. Best way to learn is by doing. We'll have to record a podcast sometime. You can practice not umming or uhhing or liking or you knowing. :)