April 16, 2012

That's More Like It

So do you remember back on April 3rd, when I was complaining about how I hadn't been writing that much? Well, I hadn't, and it was frustrating. Work was sucking the creativity out of my brain. I worked late. I worked more when I got home. I worked on weekends. That's how publishing goes. Like the military, there's a lot of hurry up and wait, but once shit's on, shit's on. So all my delayed titles parachuted in at once and I had a few weeks to make them happen. WHILE at the same time being asked if I could publish early.

Want to work in publishing? Behold your fate. This kind of thing never changes. Turn over late, publish early. Glamorous, yes?

Anyway, so I do what I do because that's what I do and get my work done (and publish early, behold my awesomeness). This means I have time to do things other than work, which means I have time to write. It's amazing how hard it is to write when you're spending all your other time working. Even if I wasn't working on the train, I was so exhausted from working all the time, I typically just fell asleep or watched Stargate SG-1.

So, on April 3rd, I was hanging out at 68,000 words. Two weeks later? 98,000 words. That's much better. That's the kind of productivity I like to see! It's going to take a lot of work to get this thing up to snuff, it being a first draft and all. But the main goal of a first draft is to finish the first draft, and I'm glad to see that progress is being made in that regard.

And you? How is your writing coming along? I see Ted Cross is mad in March with his stories and Nate Wilson is blogging like no one else can and Livia Blackburne is on her bajillionth draft. Update the class, kiddies. Let us know how you're doing.


  1. When you complain about not getting enough writing done, I feel like a can't even call myself a writer! You get so much done. I started my first book around 2006, and I'm still not happy enough with it to try to query it. My second book is sitting at 13 chapters done, which might be a fifth of the way through. True, moving between countries and jobs through me out of my comfort zone, but I simply have to start writing again!

    1. Yes, you do. Write now! *whip crack*

      (Although I thought you had a partial request from Kristin Nelson a couple years back. I didn't realize you weren't querying.)

      Write now so you can query! *whip crack*

  2. I began querying for a short time (13 sent out) before I realized it needed more work. I got partials from Ms. Nelson and from Nathan Bransford, but nothing else.

  3. 30,000 words in two weeks? I did that once. Wait, no I didn't. But I did do half that amount in two... no, not that either. I'd say I write at a snail's pace, but that'd be a discredit to the snail. Lousy snails and their speed.

    Anyway, with the daily deadline of my alphaposts and the fact that I'm only putting them together the night before, it's finally forcing me to write every day. My goal is to shift to my novel at month's end but keep up this pace. Fingers crossed. (Just kidding about the crossed fingers. Not only will luck have nothing to do with it, but it's harder to type that way.)