June 4, 2012

No One Says You Lose But You

Each rejection reminds me of my mom saying to me, "I wish you wouldn't try. You'll be upset when you fail."

Each query is me ignoring her.


  1. You can't succeed if you don't try. I can't imagine ever saying that to my kids. I hope I've prepared them for handling failure well.

  2. My mom was chock full of endearing statements like that. I think she peaked with "I almost didn't stop. I didn't expect you to be here." when my quiz bowl/academic team made it to the state semi-finals.

    In a strange way, it's almost prepared me for querying. You think this query doesn't sparkle? Psh! You should hear the things my mom used to say to me!

    Of course, when the demons are telling me to quit, they're saying maybe she was right the whole time. That takes a few days of self-pity to get over.

  3. Plus, by ignoring your mom, you're following one of Yoda's principles. Each query is not you trying, but you doing.

    Besides, you've already finished the novel(s), which is a win in my (as of yet unfinished) book. It's not failure until you give up.