June 23, 2012

Not Zombies!

I had a dream last night. I dream stories a lot, but I don't always remember them as well as I do this one. It could make for an interesting story

In my dream last night, my friends Kevin and Crystal were in a Greece-shaped theme park. It looked like an amusement park, but you had to find clues and solve a mystery. But it was full of monsters, like killer geese and zombies. There was a fourth person in our party, but I didn't recognize who he was. He was heavier and seemed familiar, but didn't have the face of any friends of mine who have that kind of body shape. I didn't know his name, either. But I knew he was a friend.

There were digital elements to it too. We were wearing glasses that would allow us to put things in our inventory without actually carrying them. One goal was to collect all of one type of book. You didn't have to carry the actual book once it was marked in your inventory. I think the total goal was something like 30 of each type of book, so that would have been hundreds of books. Instead, once you had a book in your inventory, you could display its contents on your glasses.

The whole thing kind of reminded me of READY PLAYER ONE, this whole-world experience, even though I only ready the sample to the book (I'm waiting for the price to come down). Most of all, I remember waking up and wishing it were real. Aside from the zombies and the killer geese, it seemed like an awesome, immersive adventure. I'd love to do it in real life.

Although I don't know how large it was. I knew it was shaped like Greece, but I don't know the scale. If it were actually Greece-sized, walking across the whole thing would be a hell of a lot of work.


  1. I've had a few dreams that I remember thinking would be great for a novel, but I never wrote them down and they faded away...


    I had two dream ideas last night. I almost forgot one, but I managed to remember in the car. Now to just put them in the folder of ideas...

  3. Damn, I keep meaning to tell you I love your new blog skin.

  4. @Ted: I will be an early adopter of those dream recorders from Final Fantasy as soon as they are invented. I dream stories all the time. If I couldn't write them down, I would be as crazy as Robert E. Howard. Gotta keep writing or I would die!

  5. @Liz: Thanks! The last one never sat well with me. This one is far more fitting, I think.

  6. I think hopping between all those little Greek islands looking for books would be fun, especially since the zombies wouldn't be able to follow you too well. That is, unless they can ride the killer geese. Can they? Hmm, even though you don't need to carry books with you, maybe it makes sense to have one or two at all times, to throw at the brainseekers atop murderous birds as they dive-bomb you in V formation.