June 8, 2012

The Original Tubes

Sometimes it feels like I watch a lot of TV. I grew up watching a LOT of television. I was a living TV Guide. But I got tired of it and stopped watching for years. We don't have cable in my house. We stream what we want to watch. Castle, Legend of Korra, Psych, White Collar. Mostly I watch a lot of reruns of my favorite shows. Netflix doesn't have as many shows (that I like) that it did a couple years ago, but their "NEW EPISODES" tag is a huge help. I found out yesterday that there are new episodes of Flashpoint. So let me tell you about the new hotness and the old hotness that's going on right now on the boob toob (what came before the intertoobs).

Have you heard of Avatar: The Last Airbender? No, not the shitty live-action M. Night crapfest, but the animated show that it was based on. It was on Nickelodeon and is an amazing, AMAZING show. Especially season 2. It's all on Netflix, so you should watch it. If you're not blown away by "Stories of Bah Sing Sei" then you have no heart! Anyway, the sequel (next chapter?) to the show, The Legend of Korra is airing right now and Nickelodeon's website right now. It is AMAZING! It is just similar enough and just different enough to be the perfect next chapter. And it's got a style of animation that I really enjoy. (seen Triples of Belleville?) Oh and the music! The music is one of the best parts! If I wrote fanfiction, I would love to write in this world. The bending "magic" system is expertly crafted. This is a show great for adults and kids.

So that's the new hotness. The old hotness (not old and busted) is Flashpoint. Unlike the two above, it's okay if you haven't heard of this one. It was a summer debut on CBS that limped along for a few seasons. BUT it stars Keith Mars. Obviously the actor's name isn't Keith Mars, but if you watched the show Veronica Mars (which used to be on Netflix but is no longer), you know Enrico Colantoni played one of the most awesome dads ever (he was also the lead alien in GALAXY QUEST). This is his new show, a cop drama set in Canada where the SWAT team is trained in negotiation tactics so they don't just run around and kill people like how we do it in the states. It started weak, so I never gave it much of a chance. I was really ill and needed something to fill the time and gave this a second chance and about episode 7 of the first season, the writing finally finds its footing. The rest of season 1 and all of season 2 are amazing! You'll cry after every episode. EVERY EPISODE! Season 3 is kind of weak, but it's last half-season, season 4, found the magic again.

BUT WAIT! Netflix threw up a "new episodes" tag and sure enough, there's the rest of season 4! Turns out it was picked up by a cable network to finish season 4 and create a season 5. Woo hoo! Keith Mars to the rescue!

(You won't meat him until season 4, but Raf is my favorite character.)

What do you like to watch?


  1. Chad and I love FLASHPOINT! We've only seen some of the first season, but we were happy to see it was on Netflix. It's in our que.

    You know what is also on Netflix? Fullmetal Alchemist. You NEED to watch that Joe. It's so so so good. It's a toss up between that and Avatar for the most tightly written show. You have to watch the original one first though. It originally aired before the manga it was based on was finished, so they took a subplot and ran with it. It's the same premise, but takes longer to get to the shocking information than BROTHERHOOD does. BROTHERHOOD is the revamp that follows the manga perfectly.

    I watch Criminal Minds, Bones, Castle, Korra, and How I Meet Your Mother on a regular basis.

  2. Like you, we've eschewed cable for Netflix. (Okay, technically, we still have basic cable, but we only tend to use it during football/presidential debate season.)

    We're currently two episodes away from the Bah Sing Sei tales you mentioned (such a good show), and I started watching Flashpoint on your previous recommendation. It's decent, but then again I'm only three episodes in so far; I'll have to push through to get to the great stuff like we did with Community.

    Let's see... just finished up Arrested, Psych's always in the rotation, and starting to get into Downton Abbey. But the show I've recently been churning through (without the wife) is Archer. Sex, violence, and idiocy. It's just fun.

  3. @Liz: I think I tried FMA once before. Anime isn't really my thing. Shows like Avatar transcend genre, I think, which is why it has such mass appeal. I'll give it another go, though.

    @Nate: Episode 3 is where I quit watching Flashpoint when it originally aired. Episode 8 will rock your socks. If you haven't heard, Arrested is coming to Netflix with new episodes. I watch Archer sometimes, but I think it peaked in season 1.